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When she was young we called her Katie. When she was nine she Catherine Ophoff photoannounced that she would be Catherine (her real name). As a teenager her friends called her "Cat". She was headstrong and determined, a challenge to raise, for sure. But, using the "Parenting with Love and Logic" techniques, we did well and preserved our relationship of love through tough times.

On January 23, 2000, she was killed in a snowmobile accident at the age of fourteen. We survived because of our faith. We offer a glimpse of our journey here in the hope that those of you suffering the same might find hope.

Articles dealing with Grief and Loss:
I Was the Only Man in my Daughter's Life
Eight Years Past
Remembering Katie
Balloons for Catherine's Birthday

Compassionate Friends web site linkThe Compassionate Friends organization provides help in the "positive resolution of grief following the death of a child." Click on the blue logo to visit their website.

Note: While Kevin and Rachel are committed Christians, The Compassionate Friends is not a faith-based organization. We do recommend TCF as a valuable resource, but do not endorse any spiritual beliefs other than Bible-based Christianity.

Click here for our suggested books that helped us with grief.

Help For the Holidays. Helpful suggestions from Alice Munroe, editor of the Grand Junction chapter of Compassionate Friends. Re-printed from the December new letter.

Practical Tips to Help Grieving Parents

Practical Tips to Help Grieving Teens

565065: Shattered Dreams: God"s Unexpected Pathway to Joy Shattered Dreams: God's Unexpected Pathway to Joy
By Dr. Larry Crabb / Random House, Inc

If God loves me, why is life so painful? Exploring the biblical account of Naomi, Crabb explains how God longs to awaken his children to the dream beneath the rubble of tragedy---changing lives for good and forever. Encounter your closest Friend in the midst of difficulty and learn to live beyond life's deepest pain. 224 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.

Helping Parents Parent

Parenting With Love & Logic. Click on the book to arder.

Rachel teaching Love and LogicParenting with Love and Logicvisit our new bookstore
Putting into practice the skills of Love and Logic helped us maintain loving relationships with our kids through the tough times.

We now teach these skills to other parents.

To visit the Love and Logic website click on the photo of their sign.
To view a list of their porducts thru our website visit our Parenting page

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Sometimes the best way to help the teens is to help their parents.

Frequently the biggest obstacle for teens in their decision to follow Christ is the distorted view of God they have as a result of poor role modeling from parents. Everyone wonders why most kids abandon the church once they graduate from college. They are not fleeing the church, they are fleeing their parents. Many kids have been abandoned by a parent, usually their dad, through divorce. These kids find it hard to accept God who, in their minds, has been portrayed by their dads. Sometimes you'll only be able to reach a kid by fostering some real parenting changes at home. Parenting Teens With Love and Logic is a great resource for this.


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